Before the skills needs of the creative industries can be addressed, they must first be identified. ScreenSkills , formerly known as Creative Skillset,  has gathered comprehensive findings on the screen industries, skills needs and training provisions over many years. This directory of past research papers offers insight into the size and shape of the industries, the needs of employers and workforce and training provision.


Research published in 2022

Unscripted TV research:

Research looking exclusively at the skills needs of unscripted TV that provides an evidence base for the work of the new Unscripted TV Skills Fund, which went live in June 2021.

Film and high-end TV research:

Scripted production: assessment of skills shortages and gaps in the UK nations and regions

A qualitative study exploring crew shortages, skills gaps and related workforce issues, highlighting commonalities and differences between UK geographies.

Forecast of labour market shortages and training investment needs in film and high-end TV production, June 2022 (PDF)

Research focused on global commissioning studios’ outlook for UK production activity, the outlook for soundstage development in the UK and forecast of continued growth in the global SVOD.

High-end TV research:

High-end television in the UK 2021-2022 workforce research, March 2022 (PDF)

Research to identify the key skills and grade shortages and associated issues from the HETV industry to enable the HETV Skills Fund to be more strategic in its investment plans for 2022 and beyond.

Animation research:

Accessibility in animation, February 2022 (PDF)

Shedding light on the perceptions of accessibility within the animation sector, in partnership with Manchester Animation Festival and the Visible in Visuals (ViV) network.